What Nutrients Should Be Included In A Post-Marathon IV Treatment?


Running a marathon is quite hard on your body. Even if you are well-trained for the distance, racing that far really takes it out of you — and it will take you some time to recover. One way to help your body recover better and faster is to go for an IV treatment the day after your race. An IV can not only rehydrate you but can also deliver various nutrients that need to be replenished so you can heal.

20 April 2023

Understanding The Types Of Hernias And Surgical Repair Options


If you've experienced a hernia, you may already know that surgical repair is often the only solution. But there are lots of different types of hernias, and not all surgeries are alike. It's important to understand your particular hernia so that you can make a decision about the best course of action. Types of Hernias Generally, there are five types of hernias. The inguinal hernia is the most common, and it occurs in the groin.

6 March 2023

Why Consider A Health Care Clinic For Medical Same-Day Appointments?


When you have a medical emergency or have a minor issue that may require outpatient surgery, sometimes you have to consider a health care clinic for your medical same-day appointments. These are clinics that may be run by a doctor independent from a hospital setting or may be owned and operated by a medical hospital but run outside of the normal building. Some of these health care clinics even feature specific services, such as podiatry, dermatology, and more.

24 January 2023