Ask Your Eye Doctor About Computer Glasses To Help With Your Eye Strain


If you spend a lot of time working or playing on the computer, you'll probably have eye strain at some point. Computer eye strain gives you blurry vision, tired eyes, and eye redness. Rather than squint at the screen or crane your neck to see better, you should have your eyes examined and ask your eye doctor, like Quality Eye Care, about getting computer glasses. Here is some more information about computer eye strain and how glasses help.

Why Working On A Computer Causes Eye Strain

When you read a computer screen, your eyes focus on a middle distance point. This is different from the near vision you use when you read a book, and it's different than the far vision you use when you drive a car. If you hold the mid-focus for a long time, for example if you work on a computer all day, you may end up with headaches and blurry vision. Your normal eyeglasses don't help because they only correct for near or far vision. In addition, the glare from a computer screen and the flicker rate of old-style monitors can contribute to eye strain.

How Computer Glasses Help

Computer glasses are made to correct your middle vision. They are prescribed by your eye doctor rather than you buying them at a store like you do with reading glasses. Before you have your eye exam, measure the distance from your nose to your computer monitor as you normally sit. This distance together with a vision test helps the eye doctor prescribe the best corrective eye wear.

In addition to making computer glasses for you, your eye doctor may give you a new prescription if you wear normal glasses. If your prescription for near or far vision correction is off just a little bit, you'll have more problems with eye strain at the computer.

Computer glasses enhance your mid-vision and they can't be worn while you drive. However, your eye doctor may be able to prescribe bifocal or trifocal glasses you can wear at work so you can read, work on the computer, and see into the short distance well enough to do your job wearing the same pair of glasses.

In addition to corrective lenses, computer glasses have anti-glare coating, which helps reduce the risk of eye strain from computer glare. These glasses are available in stylish frames just like traditional glasses, so you don't have to worry about them affecting your appearance in the workplace.

If you have frequent headaches, your eyes feel tired, and your vision is blurry at the end of the day, talk to your eye doctor about eye strain. If you have to work on a computer all day at work, you may not be able to rest your eyes often. In that case, corrective glasses might help.


1 June 2017

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