Suffering From Back Pain? 3 Non-Narcotic Ways To Feel Better


Back pain is a problem shared by an estimated 31 million Americans. Worldwide, the scope of the problem is even more dire, with back pain being cited as the leading cause of physical disability in adults.

While treating back pain with prescription painkillers can help alleviate symptoms, the underlying cause of the pain must also be addressed in order to restore good health and functionality. If you are suffering from back pain and interested in solving the underlying cause, instead of just treating the symptoms, the following information can help. 

1. Shed excess weight to relieve strain

Back strain caused by being overweight is a leading cause of back pain for many Americans. In addition to the stress that extra weight places on the bones and muscles of the spine, it can also result in a reduction of healthy activity that can compound spinal problems. 

Making the commitment to normalize weight can be one of the most important ways to address back pain, but even the loss of just a few pounds can help to ease the some of the stress on your spine, help you feel more active, and make pain levels more bearable.

2. Replace problematic shoes with more stable choices

Another common cause of back strain and the resulting spinal pain is simply wearing shoes that fit poorly, those that encourage poor posture, or those that create strain on the supportive muscles of your legs and spine. In most cases, choosing a shoe with a moderate height, wider heel and a roomy toe box instead of those with narrow toes and high or narrow heels can be helpful. 

Additionally, it can be helpful to take a good look at the condition of your shoes. If the heels look lopsided, instead of straight and even, they could be allowing your legs to shift to the side when you walk, placing extra strain on your back, hips, knees, and ankles. 

3. Strengthen your core for better spinal alignment and support

Another important part of relieving back pain is doing the work to strengthen your abdominal, or core, muscles so that they can better support and align your spine. However, back pain sufferers should not jump into a vigorous exercise plan with medical supervision. Instead, it is important to always work closely with trusted health care professionals when beginning any exercise plan. 

To find out the best exercise regimen for your spinal condition, as well as more ways to ease spinal pain with the use of addictive pain medication, make an appointment to speak with your health care provider. If you need help with back pain, contact your local health care clinic.


13 October 2018

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