Scheduled For Your First Infusion Therapy Appointment? Four Items To Bring Along


If you're going to start infusion therapy, you'll need to be prepared for your first appointment. The procedure isn't difficult, but it will require you to be in the hospital for a few hours during each appointment. A place like Idaho Arthritis Center can provide all the medical care you need. However, you'll need to bring a few things from home to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

A Comfy Blanket

During infusion therapy, you may develop chills. The hospital will provide you with blankets, but they're not always soft or comfortable. To make sure you're warm and comfortable, bring a comfy blanket from home. Not only will your own blanket provide you with the warmth you need, but it will also provide you with some emotional security, which is important during your first treatment session.

Your Phone Charger

You're going to be hooked up to an IV for several hours. You want to make sure that your phone is available throughout your treatment session. The best way to do that is to bring your phone charger. You'll be able to plug it in once you get settled into bed and your IV is started. Your phone charger will ensure that you have communication with the outside world while you're stuck in bed. It will also ensure that you have access to music and games so you don't get bored during treatment.

Some Headphones

If you don't like the sounds from inside the hospital, or you want to listen to your favorite music without disturbing those around you, be sure to bring your headphones with you. Headphones allow you to relax and block out all the noise and distraction that's found in most hospitals.

Plenty of Snacks

If you want to make sure that you don't get hungry during your infusion therapy, be sure to pack plenty of snacks. The hospital will provide you with juice and water, but they may not have your favorite snacks.

A Sleep Mask

You may get tired during your treatment session. Unfortunately, the lighting in hospitals can be quite bright. To make sure you can get some rest during your session, bring a sleep mask with you. The sleep mask will block out all the annoying light so you can get some rest. Not only that, but you can also put the mask on if you just want to listen to your music without being interrupted.

If you're scheduled for your first infusion appointment, be sure to bring the items listed above. They'll help you relax and stay comfortable during your session.


27 December 2018

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