Tips For Treating And Managing Arthritis In The Back


People often think of arthritis as a condition that affects the limbs. You might get arthritis in the hip or wrist, for example. But arthritis is a general term and a general condition that really refers to inflammation in any joint. You have numerous joints in your back, and those joints can and do develop arthritis in some cases. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis of the back, here are some treatment and management tactics you may benefit from.

Wear a back brace when you are active.

Arthritis makes the joints in your back less mobile, so it may seen counter-intuitive to put on a back brace and restrict movement further. But actually, what the back brace does is prevent your back joints from moving unnecessarily when you are lifting, bending, and otherwise being active. With the brace on, you will have an easier time keeping your back straight when you use your legs and hips to lift, for example. This will reduce wear on the joints in your back, which will keep arthritis pain from getting worse.

Get massages.

There are numerous muscles that tie into your spine. If those muscles are sore and tight, they will pull on the arthritic joints, which will make your arthritis pain worse. A good way to keep your muscles loose is to get regular massages. Doing so once a month is a good starting point. If you can afford to be massaged weekly, that's even better. Tell your massage therapist about your back arthritis so they can focus on the right area and keep your back loose. You can have a friend or partner massage your back at home between appointments.

Keep your legs and arms strong.

Many times, people use their back when they should really be using their arms and legs. For instance, you may lift with your back if your arms are not strong enough to lift an item. Consider working with a personal trainer to strengthen your arms and legs. They can guide you through exercises that won't hurt your back in the process. Strong arms and legs can better compensate for a weak, arthritic back.

Use a heating pad.

When your back pain acts up, lie on a heating pad for 15 or 20 minutes. The heat will loosen up the muscles around the sore joints, which will in turn loosen up and ease the pain in your spinal joint.

Back arthritis can be quite painful and debilitating, but the tips above will help. Talk to your doctor to learn more about arthritis pain management techniques.


10 June 2020

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