4 Signs Of Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer is a disease that plagues men, typically older men, but it can affect men in their younger years as well. The prostate is a small part of the body that produces seminal fluid for sperm in the male body. This small gland can be affected by cancer, but you have to pay attention to the signs in order to catch this cancer early and to have it treated. Read on for a few signs of prostate cancer to keep an eye out for.

1. Difficulty Urinating

If you have a difficult time urinating, or you don't have a steady stream of urine, it could be a sign of a potential prostate issue. You may also need to urinate more frequently or feel like you have to urinate but you aren't able to get enough out, it may be a sign of a prostate concern. If you notice any of these signs, you should get to your doctor immediately to have tests run to rule out prostate cancer. You could have an enlarged prostate, which may be an early sign of cancer as well.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

The inability to get and to keep an erection may also be a sign of a prostate concern. If you are having a difficult time getting and keeping an erection, it could be a sign of any number of things, but you should also have your prostate checked and tested for cancer as well.

3. Blood In Semen Or Urine

If you notice that you have blood in your urine, or you have seen blood in your semen, you also need to have your prostate checked. Blood in the urine may be the sign of a bladder issue as well, so a urinalysis may also need to be done. Never ignore blood in the urine or in the semen, especially if you notice it worsening or occurring more frequently.

4. Weight Loss

If you have experienced weight loss and you aren't even trying to lose weight, it's a concern you need to have checked out. If you have weight loss combined with the above-mentioned signs listed, you need to have your prostate examined. Weight loss without trying can be a sign of cancer in just about any part of the body, so keep an eye on this as well.

If you have any of the signs of prostate cancer, or you have noticed a number of these signs, you need to visit your physician for a prostate cancer test to be properly diagnosed and to get treated properly for this condition.


23 February 2022

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