Three Reasons To Visit Urgent Care For A Physical


Urgent care clinics offer a wide range of medical care services, but not everyone knows that these clinics offer more than just immediate care. If you or your children are in need of a physical, consider these reasons to visit your local urgent care for your appointment. Walk-In Visits In some cases, you may be able to visit the urgent care clinic for a physical without an appointment. This means you and your family can see the doctor when it's convenient for you, and it also provides a handy option if you forgot that your child needed a physical for school or sports.

16 May 2017

What Is A Heart Murmur And How Do You Treat It?


A heart murmur makes your heart beat faster than normal and handle more blood, putting extra stress on the heart valve. A murmur can be caused by several different conditions, such as high blood pressure, anemia, and an overactive thyroid. Many heart murmur cases are mild and do not require any treatment. However, if a doctor determines your heart murmur is severe and can hurt your health, he or she may recommend different treatment options.

24 April 2017

Preparing For At-Home Recovery After Open Heart Surgery


Open heart surgery is a serious procedure. Not only is the actual operation tedious, but the process of recovery is just as strenuous. This is true both when it comes to recovery in the hospital, as well as care in your home. In terms of home care, the more prepared you are, the better your recovery period. Make sure you and your family members know what to do to prepare the home for your arrival from the hospital.

9 April 2017

Four Questions To Ask Your Oncologist Before Being Treated For Cancer


If you have been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor, chances are your general practitioner will refer you to an oncologist. An oncologist is a medical professional who deals in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors and cancer. Upon your initial visit, or during your targeted treatment, you probably will have several questions. The following is a short list of four important questions you might want to ask your specialist before treatment begins.

14 March 2017

3 Telltale Symptoms of Childhood Acid Reflux Disease


While acid reflux disease is commonly associated with adults, it can also develop in children and even babies. It can be challenging to diagnose reflux disease in infants without performing medical tests because babies are unable to voice their complaints. Acid reflux disease refers to when stomach acid is "refluxed," or escapes from the stomach and travels into the upper digestive tract, leading to the most common symptoms of heartburn. While pediatric and infant care for acid reflux is similar to that of adult acid reflux, the symptoms may differ between children and older patients.

7 March 2017

For Women Wanting to Become Pregnant: 3 Treatment Options Your Fertility Center May Offer You


If you and your partner are having difficulty conceiving a child, you may be thinking of visiting a fertility center or clinic, such as Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility. Statistically, 1 in 10 couples have difficulty conceiving, so you aren't alone. A fertility clinic is a facility where you seek treatment that could help you in your efforts to conceive. Fortunately, there isn't just one method of treatment; there are several.

13 December 2016

Frequently Asked Questions about Shoulder Mobility


If you are experiencing pain in your shoulders or upper back, you may have a decreasing shoulder mobility range. When your doctor diagnoses you with this, your mind may whirl with questions. Getting answers to the questions you have will help you to better understand your condition, how it will affect your life, and what can be done to improve it. Here are three frequently asked questions about shoulder mobility.

28 January 2016